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Twitch TV - Twitch TV is a leading live streaming platform primarily for gamers, where users can watch and broadcast gameplay. IGN - IGN is one of the largest and most well-known sources for video game news, reviews, and entertainment content on the web. GameSpot - GameSpot is a major source for gaming news, reviews, and information about video games across all platforms. It provides gamers with a deep dive into the gaming culture, gameplay, and the latest industry developments. PC Gamer - PC Gamer is a leading source for PC game reviews, news, and features, offering insights into the latest PC gaming trends. Game Rant - Game Rant delivers news, reviews, and discussions on video games. It provides gamers with the latest updates, trending topics, and in-depth reviews of the most popular games. Polygon - Polygon is a gaming and entertainment website, delivering news, reviews, and features on video games and related pop culture. Kotaku - Kotaku offers a mix of video game news, reviews, and features, while also covering broader pop culture topics. The Gamer - The Gamer is a hub for video game news, reviews, and guides. It dives into various gaming platforms and genres, serving readers with comprehensive updates and expert opinions. Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine is a professional suite of tools and technologies used for building high-quality games across various platforms. Games Radar - Games Radar is a comprehensive gaming site that provides news, reviews, and features on video games, movies, and TV. BGG Board Game Geek - Board Game Geek is a community hub for board game enthusiasts, offering reviews, forums, and a database of games. Giant Bomb - Giant Bomb is a comprehensive video game website that includes reviews, news, and videos, known for its podcast and personality-driven content. Dexerto - Dexerto is a leading source for esports and online gaming news, providing articles, interviews, and insights. It offers comprehensive coverage of major esports tournaments, gaming culture, and personalities. PCGamesN - PCGamesN is a platform dedicated to PC gaming news, reviews, and features. It covers a wide range of games, hardware, and industry events. Dot Esports - Dot Esports is a leading esports news platform, offering insights into competitive gaming, tournaments, and industry updates. Game Informer - Game Informer is a prominent video game magazine and website, offering reviews, news, and exclusive features on upcoming games. Rock Paper Shotgun - Rock Paper Shotgun is dedicated to PC gaming, offering reviews, news, and features with a UK perspective. Nintendo Life - Nintendo Life is dedicated to all things Nintendo, providing news, reviews, and features about Nintendo games and consoles. VG247 - VG247 delivers up-to-the-minute news on video games, offering insights, reviews, and features on major gaming events. Destructoid - Destructoid is a popular video game-focused website providing reviews, news, trailers, and features from the world of gaming. Nerdist - Nerdist is a multimedia company focused on pop culture, offering news, reviews, and insights into movies, TV shows, comics, science, and more. It serves as a hub for geek culture enthusiasts. Pro Game Guides - Pro Game Guides offers detailed guides, tips, and news for popular games, helping players improve their gameplay. Escapist Magazine - Escapist Magazine is a long-standing publication that delves into video games, movies, and the broader entertainment industry. ShackNews - ShackNews offers video game news, reviews, and features, covering a broad range of topics within the gaming industry. DualShockers - DualShockers is a gaming news site providing articles, reviews, and updates on video games across all platforms. It covers both major titles and indie games, offering a comprehensive view of the gaming world. GamePressure - GamePressure offers video game guides, walkthroughs, news, and reviews, catering to both casual and hardcore gamers. Push Square - Push Square is focused on PlayStation news, reviews, and features, catering to fans of Sony's gaming platforms. Gematsu - Gematsu is dedicated to Japanese video games, providing news, updates, and insights into the world of Japanese gaming. Game Skinny - Game Skinny is a platform where gamers share articles, reviews, and guides about their favorite games and gaming topics. Twinfinite - Twinfinite provides video game news, reviews, and opinion pieces, covering a wide range of gaming topics and platforms. Pocket Tactics - Pocket Tactics is a guide to the best mobile and portable gaming, covering reviews, features, and strategy guides. GG Recon - GG Recon offers the latest in esports and gaming news, covering a variety of games and events, and providing in-depth analysis. GameRevolution - GameRevolution is a longstanding gaming site that offers news, reviews, and features about the video game industry. Siliconera - Siliconera specializes in covering news and stories about niche video games, including Japanese titles not always covered in mainstream media. Video Games Chronicle - Video Games Chronicle (VGC) provides in-depth news, reviews, and insights into the gaming industry. They cover major developments, releases, and trends from gaming companies worldwide. Xfire - Xfire offers gaming news, reviews, and features, keeping players informed on the latest in the gaming world. N4G - N4G is a community-driven gaming news site that aggregates the latest news, reviews, and videos from the gaming industry. Users contribute and discuss content, making it a hub for game enthusiasts. Pocket Gamer - Pocket Gamer focuses on mobile gaming, offering reviews, news, and insights into the world of iOS, Android, and handheld gaming. The Loadout - The Loadout covers esports, gaming gear, and streaming, bringing news and insights from the competitive gaming world. Touch Arcade - Touch Arcade focuses on iOS and mobile gaming, providing reviews, news, and features for mobile game enthusiasts. Gamepur - Gamepur is a gaming website providing news, guides, and reviews about video games across various platforms. It offers detailed walkthroughs, game mechanics explanations, and up-to-date industry news. Try Hard - Try Hard provides gaming guides and walkthroughs for a variety of video games. It aims to assist gamers in enhancing their gameplay, offering tips, tricks, and strategies. Hell hades - Hell Hades is dedicated to providing guides, strategies, and news related to the game Raid: Shadow Legends. Charlie Intel - Charlie Intel is a dedicated news platform for popular video games, offering updates, reviews, and gaming guides. Gamers Decide - Gamers Decide is a platform where gamers can discover rankings, reviews, and discussions on various video game topics. AOTF Attack of the Fanboy - Attack of the Fanboy is a gaming news platform, offering reviews, previews, and the latest in video game news. VideoGamer - VideoGamer is a website dedicated to video game news, reviews, previews, and videos. They cover all major gaming platforms and offer insights and commentary on the latest game releases. eXputer - eXputer is a website that provides content related to gaming, including news, reviews, and features. It offers insights into the latest game releases, trends, and industry happenings. The Nerd Stash - The Nerd Stash offers reviews, news, and articles about video games, movies, TV, comics, and other geek culture topics. VGChartz - VGChartz provides comprehensive data on video game sales, offering charts, data analysis, and insights into the gaming industry's trends. BlinkList - BlinkList is a platform offering summaries of non-fiction books, helping readers grasp key insights in a short time. SegmentNext - SegmentNext provides video game guides, news, and reviews, helping players navigate through their favorite games. PSU PlayStation Universe - PSU is dedicated to PlayStation gaming, offering news, reviews, and features focused on PlayStation consoles and games. EarlyGame - EarlyGame caters to the gaming and esports communities, offering news, reviews, and updates. It provides insights on popular video games, events, and the broader gaming culture. Gosu Noob - Gosu Noob provides detailed game guides, walkthroughs, and tips for various video games, helping players navigate complex in-game challenges. GameFront - GameFront is a gaming community platform that provides mods, demos, patches, and other downloadable content. It supports a variety of games, allowing gamers to enhance and customize their gaming experience. Game Developer - Game Developer is a platform for professionals in the gaming industry, offering articles, news, and resources related to game development. GamingBolt - GamingBolt offers news, reviews, and features, focusing on video game announcements, updates, and analyses. WePC - WePC focuses on PC gaming, offering guides on building PCs, hardware reviews, and gaming-related features. VideoGamesPlus - VideoGamesPlus is a Canadian retailer specializing in video games, consoles, and accessories. Their online store features a vast selection of products for various gaming platforms.

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Roblox - Roblox is a unique online platform that allows users to design, play, and share their own games. The site connects millions of creators and players in a virtual universe, driven by user-generated content. Steam - Steam, developed by Valve Corporation, is a leading digital distribution platform for PC gaming. Users can purchase, download, and play a vast array of games, as well as connect with a global gaming community. Epic Games - Epic Games is a renowned game developer and distributor, known for hits like Fortnite and the Unreal Engine. Their online platform also serves as a marketplace for various games and in-game content. Electronic Arts - Electronic Arts, often known as EA, is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. They develop and deliver games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers. Playstation - Playstation is Sony's gaming division, known for its cutting-edge consoles and diverse game library. The official site features game titles, hardware details, and news related to the Playstation ecosystem. Xbox - Xbox, a division of Microsoft, is renowned for its gaming consoles, services, and expansive game library. The official site offers product details, game titles, and news surrounding the Xbox ecosystem. Nintendo - Nintendo is a legendary video game company, known for iconic franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pok?mon. Their online portal showcases consoles, games, and accessories, along with the latest news and releases. Minecraft - Minecraft, developed by Mojang Studios, is a sandbox video game allowing players to build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. Their official site provides game downloads, community resources, and merchandise. Ubisoft - Ubisoft is a global game publisher and developer known for franchises like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Rainbow Six. Their site offers game titles, news, and community resources related to their vast catalog of products. GameStop - GameStop is a global retail destination for video games, consoles, and gaming accessories. Their online store for Canada offers a variety of products, from new releases to pre-owned classics. Fanatical - Fanatical is a leading platform offering digital game keys at discounted rates. With a vast array of titles spanning multiple genres, they cater to a broad spectrum of gamers.