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Psychology Today - Psychology Today is a leading platform dedicated to the latest in psychology, offering articles, therapist directories, and insights into the human psyche. Nature - Nature is an international weekly journal of science, covering a plethora of scientific disciplines. Renowned globally, it publishes top-tier research, news, and expert commentary. National Geographic - National Geographic is a renowned platform that explores the world through compelling stories, photography, and videos. They cover topics like science, exploration, history, and culture, aiming to inspire curiosity and care for the planet. ScienceDaily - ScienceDaily provides the latest research news in science, health, environment, and technology, sourced directly from leading universities and research organizations. Science Magazine - Science Magazine, published by AAAS, is a premier outlet for scientific research, news, and commentary, covering a broad range of scientific disciplines. Scientific American - Scientific American is a venerable publication that offers readers insights into the evolving world of science and technology, with expert opinions and research. Live Science - Live Science offers news and articles about science, health, and technology. They present complex topics in an accessible manner, making science understandable and interesting to the general public. New Scientist - New Scientist is a leading source for the latest news in science and technology. It offers in-depth articles, commentary, and analysis of the latest scientific findings. Smithsonian Magazine - Smithsonian Magazine, from the renowned Smithsonian Institution, delves into history, science, nature, culture, and travel, offering a unique lens on the world. EurekAlert - EurekAlert is an online science news service publishing press releases and news articles related to scientific discoveries, research, and innovations. Popular Mechanics - Popular Mechanics dives into the intersection of science and technology, offering insights on new gadgets, automotive news, and scientific breakthroughs. Popular Science - Popular Science demystifies the latest scientific advancements and technological innovations, making them accessible to the general public. ScienceAlert - ScienceAlert offers readers a daily dose of the best and most fascinating science news, ensuring they're always updated on the latest scientific happenings. Discover Magazine - Discover Magazine covers science, technology, and the future. It presents intriguing scientific discoveries, theories, and advancements in an engaging manner. New Atlas - New Atlas is a portal into the latest technological and scientific advancements. The platform consistently delivers news and articles on groundbreaking innovations and discoveries. Big Think - Big Think offers content on a wide array of topics from science to art. They provide articles, interviews, and videos featuring experts and thought leaders from various fields. Science News - Science News offers readers timely articles on recent developments in the world of science, from astronomy to zoology. IFL Science - IFL Science is a publication that covers the lighter side of science, offering engaging articles on various scientific topics. The platform aims to make science more accessible and entertaining to the general audience. The Scientist - The Scientist is a professional magazine intended for life scientists. It covers a wide array of topics, from neuroscience to cell biology, providing in-depth analysis and expert commentary. SciTechDaily - SciTechDaily sources the latest scientific and technological news, covering everything from astrophysics to medicine, ensuring readers are up-to-date. Quanta Magazine - Quanta Magazine delves into the world of mathematics, physics, biology, and computer science, offering illuminating stories about these disciplines. ScienceBlogs - ScienceBlogs is a platform where various scientists and researchers share their insights, opinions, and discuss the latest trends in their respective fields. BBC Science Focus - BBC Science Focus covers the latest scientific discoveries, breakthroughs, and innovations. It offers a mix of news, features, and interviews across all areas of science and technology. Nautilus - Nautilus is a distinctive blend of science, philosophy, and culture. It offers thought-provoking essays and articles, bridging various scientific fields for a comprehensive worldview. StudyFinds - StudyFinds delivers intriguing and often surprising findings from the world of scientific research, giving readers fresh perspectives on everyday life. ZME Science - ZME Science brings forward the latest scientific discoveries and environmental news. It demystifies complex topics for a general audience. ScienceFriday - ScienceFriday, commonly known as SciFri, is a weekly radio show and podcast that covers a wide array of scientific topics in an engaging and accessible manner. Undark - Undark Magazine offers a blend of science and journalism, illuminating the complexities and challenges of the scientific realm, ensuring its readers are well-informed. SciDev.net - SciDev.net is a global news hub for science and technology's role in global development. It provides timely news and analysis on the challenges faced by developing nations. Science Times - Science Times provides a mix of the latest science news, covering health, environment, space, and more, catering to readers of all scientific backgrounds. American Scientist - American Scientist is a bimonthly magazine dedicated to science and technology. Articles cover a range of scientific disciplines, research findings, and technological advancements. Canadian Geographic - Canadian Geographic covers the people, places, and cultures of Canada, offering articles, maps, photos, and interactive content.


Simple Flying - Simple Flying provides the latest aviation news and insights, from commercial airline updates to in-depth analysis. Aviation Week - Aviation Week is a trusted source in aerospace and defense news, delivering detailed analysis, data, and insights. It caters to professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering reports on technology, business, and operations. Airliners - Airliners.net is a large online aviation community offering high-quality aviation photos and news from the world of commercial aviation. FlightGlobal - FlightGlobal offers aviation news, analysis, data, and consultancy services, covering commercial aviation, defense, business aviation, and other sectors. Aviation-Safety - Aviation Safety Network covers news and provides a database on aircraft accidents, offering insights into aviation safety issues. AirNav - AirNav offers detailed information on airports and navigational aids in the USA, including fuel prices, airport diagrams, and frequency data. Jet Photos - JetPhotos is a large aviation photography website, showcasing a vast collection of aircraft images from around the world.


BioMedCentral - BioMedCentral is an open access publisher that offers peer-reviewed research articles in various areas of science, medicine, and technology. CellPress - CellPress is a leading publisher of scientific research and reviews, offering high-quality content in areas like molecular biology, neuroscience, and cell biology. BiorXiv - BiorXiv is a free online submission repository for unpublished preprint articles in the field of biology, allowing researchers to share their findings before formal peer review. BioSpace - BioSpace provides news and information on the life sciences sector, covering biotech and pharmaceutical news, and career opportunities in the industry. EmboPress - EmboPress publishes impactful scientific research in the life sciences domain, ensuring that groundbreaking discoveries reach the global scientific community.


Chemical Book - Chemical Book serves as a one-stop resource for chemical information, offering details about chemical products, their properties, synthesis routes, and more. Journal of Biological Chemistry - The Journal of Biological Chemistry publishes high-quality scientific research in various fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. ChemistryWorld - ChemistryWorld, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, offers news, research, and opinions from the world of chemistry, ensuring professionals and enthusiasts are updated. Chemnet - Chemnet is a comprehensive platform for the chemical industry, offering trade leads, company directories, and product information. ChemSpider - ChemSpider is a free chemical database, providing information on millions of chemical structures, properties, and more.

Environment & Sustainability

Treehugger - Treehugger is a sustainability and design blog, offering advice on green living, eco-friendly products, and environmental news. Grist - Grist is a beacon in environmental journalism, offering stories on climate, sustainability, and social justice, aiming to inspire green solutions. Mongabay - Mongabay offers global environmental news, analysis, and opinion. They aim to inspire and inform conservation and environmental efforts globally. EcoWatch - EcoWatch is an environmental news site, covering topics from climate change to biodiversity, advocating for a sustainable and green future. CarbonBrief - CarbonBrief provides in-depth analysis and fact-based reporting on climate science, climate policy, and energy transitions globally. GreenBiz - GreenBiz provides news and insights on business sustainability trends and best practices, helping companies integrate environmental responsibility into their operations. One Green Planet - One Green Planet is a platform dedicated to ecological sustainability, cruelty-free food, and animal welfare. It offers recipes, news, and lifestyle tips. Renewable Energy World - Renewable Energy World provides the latest news and information related to renewable energy sources, technology, and trends. Mother Earth News - Mother Earth News is a hub for sustainable living advice, covering organic gardening, renewable energy, and natural health. Elephant Journal - Elephant Journal covers mindful living, offering articles on wellness, sustainability, spirituality, and more, aiming to bring about positive change. Inside Climate News - Inside Climate News is an award-winning, non-profit news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy, and environmental science. GreenTechMedia - GreenTechMedia delivers renewable energy news and analysis. The site focuses on green technology, clean energy, and the future of electricity. Earth911 - Earth911 is a hub for information on how to live a lower-waste lifestyle. It offers tips on recycling, reducing waste, and making sustainable choices. Watts up with that? - Watts up with that? is a blog that discusses climate change skepticism, offering critiques of climate science data and research. The Ecologist - The Ecologist offers environment and ecology news, opinion pieces, and reviews, focusing on solutions for a greener future. Climate Home News - Climate Home News covers the political, economic, and scientific aspects of climate change, providing timely updates on global climate negotiations and policies. Environment+Energy Leader - Environment+Energy Leader is a trusted source for daily news, best practices, and research about sustainable business and environmental policy. Yale Climate Connections - Yale Climate Connections provides daily broadcasts and articles that humanize the issue of climate change, showcasing how it impacts everyday lives.


Geology.com - Geology.com offers news and information about earth science, including articles on minerals, fossils, volcanoes, and natural disasters. Mindat.org - Mindat.org is the world's largest online mineral and locality database, offering detailed information on minerals, their properties, and localities. Volcano Discovery - Volcano Discovery provides updates on volcanic activity around the world, complete with photos, tours, and geology news.


Journal of Neuroscience - The Journal of Neuroscience is a peer-reviewed academic journal offering the latest research, reviews, and opinions in the field of neuroscience. Neuroscience News - Neuroscience News offers the latest discoveries in neuroscience research, brain studies, neurology, psychology, and health.


Phys.org - Phys.org covers the latest news in physics, earth science, medicine, and technology, bringing scientific findings to a general audience. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists - The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists informs the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies. Physics World - Physics World is the membership magazine of the Institute of Physics, offering news, views, and analysis on all things physics.


Psychology Today - Psychology Today is a leading platform dedicated to the latest in psychology, offering articles, therapist directories, and insights into the human psyche. Verywell Mind - Verywell Mind is a resource for mental health and wellness information, providing expert advice, symptom explanations, and coping techniques. PsychCentral - PsychCentral is a trusted source of mental health resources, providing both professional and peer advice on various psychological conditions and topics. PsyPost - PsyPost publishes the latest news in psychology, neuroscience, and social science, making complex studies accessible to the general audience. PsyCom - PsyCom is a platform offering mental health diagnostic tools, news, and expert advice on a wide range of psychological conditions. Psychomedia - Psychomedia is a French-language portal providing news, articles, and resources related to psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis.

Science Journals

ResearchGate - ResearchGate is a professional network for scientists and researchers, offering a platform to share publications, ask questions, and collaborate on research projects. ScienceDirect - ScienceDirect provides a collection of scientific and technical research, offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and 11,000 books. Elsevier - Elsevier is a global information analytics business, specializing in science and health, and publishing a vast number of scientific journals. Springer - Springer is a leading global scientific, technical and medical portfolio, offering researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments quality content. Academia.edu - Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share their research papers, increasing their visibility and collaboration potential. arXiv - arXiv is a preprint repository for the sciences, allowing researchers to share their work before official publication. MDPI - MDPI is a pioneer in scholarly open access publishing, offering a platform for academic journals in various scientific fields. Frontiers - Frontiers is an open access publisher, promoting rigorous peer review and interdisciplinary research in a multitude of academic fields. PLOS - PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit open access publisher, advocating for accessible scientific communication. JSTOR - JSTOR provides access to thousands of academic journals, books, and primary sources across various disciplines. PNAS - PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) is one of the world's most-cited multidisciplinary scientific journals, covering biological, physical, and social sciences. SSRN - SSRN (Social Science Research Network) is an open-access repository that provides working papers and forthcoming articles in a number of disciplines. Semantic Scholar - Semantic Scholar is an AI-backed research tool that helps scholars find relevant academic papers and offers insights into various topics. ProQuest - ProQuest is a global information-content and technology company, providing databases, ebooks, and technologies to researchers and libraries. De Gruyter - De Gruyter is a scholarly publisher, offering a wide range of academic literature in various disciplines. Mary Ann Liebert Inc. Publications - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading independent publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content. Taylor & Francis Group - Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities, and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. DOAJ - DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) is a platform listing high-quality, peer-reviewed open access journals in various fields. Springer Nature - Springer Nature is a global publisher dedicated to providing the best possible service to the scientific community with journals, books, and sharing platforms. Scientific Research - Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) is an academic publisher of open access journals and also publishes academic books and conference proceedings. Scimago Journal - Scimago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that offers journal and country scientific indicators which can be used to assess and analyze scientific domains. OpenReview - OpenReview is an open platform for scientific paper review, promoting transparency and collaboration in the academic review process. AcademicJournals.org - AcademicJournals.org is a publisher of open access journals, spanning various academic disciplines and promoting research dissemination. Project Euclid - Project Euclid provides access to high-quality mathematics and statistics scholarship, with a significant portion available for open access.

Space & Astronmy

NASA - The official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA.gov offers a plethora of information on space missions, astronaut activities, and more. Space - Space.com provides news and features about the wonders of the cosmos, space exploration, and the science of the universe. EarthSky - EarthSky offers updates on your cosmos and world, bringing a clear voice to the science and nature stories everyone's talking about. Astronomy - Astronomy.com offers news, photos, and tips related to the science and hobby of astronomy, perfect for both novices and experienced stargazers. The European Southern Observatory - The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is an intergovernmental astronomy organization that provides state-of-the-art research facilities to European astronomers. SpaceNews - SpaceNews provides news and analysis on space technology and business, covering satellite launches, commercial spaceflight, and policy issues. Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope offers astronomy news, stargazing tips, and observing tools for enthusiasts looking to explore the night sky. SpaceFlight Now - SpaceFlight Now offers comprehensive coverage of spaceflight missions from around the world, including launch schedules, rocket technology, and mission updates. Heavens Above - Heavens Above provides satellite, ISS, and star charts based on your location, allowing stargazers to track celestial movements. SETI Institute - The SETI Institute aims to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe, with a focus on the search for intelligent life. SpaceRef - SpaceRef is a space news and reference site, offering updates on missions, space industry trends, and astronomical discoveries. Eos - Eos is a source for news and perspectives about Earth and space science, offering insights and updates on breakthrough research and discoveries. NASA SpaceFlight - NASA SpaceFlight is a news resource focusing on spacecraft and launch vehicle development, alongside space missions and satellite technology. Space Daily - Space Daily brings the latest space industry news, covering satellite technology, space exploration, and astronomy-related topics.