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Pets & Animals

Adopt a pet - Adopt a Pet is North America's largest nonprofit pet adoption website. It helps facilitate pet adoptions by providing a platform for shelters and rescue groups to showcase animals in need. Audubon - The National Audubon Society is dedicated to the conservation and protection of birds and their habitats. Their website, Audubon.org, offers bird guides, conservation efforts, and details about their advocacy work. PetFinder - PetFinder is a leading online platform connecting adoptable pets with potential owners. It aids in pet adoption by providing a searchable database of pets waiting for homes across various shelters and rescue organizations. Pet MD - Pet MD offers veterinary-approved information on the health and well-being of pets. The website features a wide range of articles, tools, and resources for pet owners. The Spruce Pets - The Spruce Pets provides advice, tips, and information about pets. It offers a wealth of content on pet care, training, and breeds. Dodo - The Dodo is a digital media platform focused on animals and their unique stories. It highlights animal rights, rescues, and heartwarming tales of pets and wildlife. AZ Animals - AZ Animals is an online platform dedicated to providing information about various animal species from around the world. The site offers detailed profiles, images, and facts about a vast array of animals. Bring Fido - Bring Fido is a pet-friendly travel guide. It assists pet owners in finding hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets. PetHelpful - PetHelpful offers advice, tips, and stories for pet owners. The platform covers topics from training and health to pet product reviews. Explore.org - Explore.org is a live nature cam network and documentary film channel, offering a wide range of live camera feeds from natural habitats and sanctuaries around the world, allowing viewers to connect with nature in real-time. Vetstreet - Vetstreet is an online resource for pet owners, offering information on pet health, care, training, and breeds. The site features expert advice from veterinarians and animal behaviorists. DogTime - DogTime is a comprehensive resource for dog owners, offering information on breeds, adoption, care, and training. It also includes articles, tips, and tools for potential and current pet owners.

Pet Stores & Services

PetSmart - PetSmart is a large pet specialty retailer offering products, services, and solutions for pets' lifetime needs. They also operate pet adoption services and in-store grooming, ensuring comprehensive pet care. petvalu - Pet Valu is a Canadian pet supply retailer, offering food, supplies, and accessories for pets. They emphasize premium and specialty brands, ensuring pet owners have quality choices for their companions. Homes Alive Pets - Homes Alive Pets is a Canadian pet store offering a wide range of products, from food to toys for various animals. They focus on providing quality and natural products, emphasizing animal wellness and health.