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Udemy - Udemy is a global marketplace for learning, offering a vast selection of courses in various subjects, taught by expert instructors. Coursera - In partnership with top universities and institutions, Coursera offers online courses, specializations, and degrees across a wide range of subjects. Khan Academy - Khan Academy provides a plethora of free online courses, lessons, and practice in subjects ranging from math to arts and humanities. TED - TED is a global platform known for its inspiring talks covering a myriad of topics, from science to art, aiming to spread ideas and knowledge. O'Reilly - O'Reilly offers an extensive platform for technology and business learning, providing books, videos, and interactive learning experiences. EdX - Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX offers high-quality courses from the world's best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. TutorialsPoint - TutorialsPoint offers tutorials and reference materials on a variety of subjects, especially catering to programming and technical topics. Udacity - Udacity offers nano-degree programs and courses in fields like data science, programming, and artificial intelligence, ensuring job-ready skills. Sparknotes - Sparknotes simplifies complex literature, offering study guides and summaries for students to grasp essential themes and concepts. FutureLearn - Partnering with top international universities, FutureLearn offers a range of online courses, from short courses to postgraduate degrees. Alison - Offering free online courses, Alison caters to a variety of subjects, allowing users to gain knowledge and earn certificates upon course completion. eNotes - eNotes provides comprehensive study guides, lesson plans, and other educational resources, catering to students and educators alike. StudyLib - StudyLib is a learning platform offering a variety of study tools, including flashcards, essays, and homework help. Wikiversity - Wikiversity is a Wikimedia project that supports learning communities, offering a wide range of learning resources and activities. Annenberg Learner - Annenberg Learner provides educational video programs with coordinated web and print materials for K-12 teachers' professional development and classroom use. PBS Learning Media - PBS Learning Media offers free teaching resources, lesson plans, and videos tailored for educators and students. Toastmasters - Toastmasters International is dedicated to improving communication and leadership skills through local clubs and a supportive learning environment. Cram - Cram is a student-friendly platform offering flashcards and various study tools to help learners memorize information effectively. Takelessons - Takelessons connects students with private tutors in subjects ranging from music to academics, ensuring personalized learning experiences. Explain That Stuff - Breaking down the science behind everyday items, Explain That Stuff offers clear and concise explanations on a variety of topics.

Creative Skills

Tutsplus - Tutsplus provides tutorials and courses on coding, design, photography, and more, catering to both beginners and professionals. Skillshare - Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of creative, business, and technology classes to help users explore new skills. Masterclass - Masterclass offers online courses taught by world-renowned experts in various fields, from cooking to writing and film-making. Domestika - Domestika is an online community for creatives, offering courses taught by professionals in fields like illustration, photography, and design. CreativeLive - CreativeLive provides live online classes taught by world-class instructors, ranging from photography to music and art. Craftsy - Craftsy offers video-based courses in arts and crafts, cooking, and more, allowing users to explore their creative side. Class101+ - Class101+ is an online learning platform focusing on creative courses, from art and design to crafts, helping learners develop unique skills. Kadenze - Kadenze offers online courses geared towards art and creative technology, collaborating with top universities and institutions.

Dictionaries & Translators

Deepl - Deepl stands out for its advanced translation algorithms, providing nuanced translations that understand context and tone. The Free Dictionary - The Free Dictionary is an expansive online dictionary and encyclopedia. It offers definitions, synonyms, translations, and various language resources. Wiktionary - An open-source dictionary, Wiktionary covers words from numerous languages, detailing etymology, definitions, and translations. WordReference.com - A trusted multilingual dictionary, WordReference.com is complemented by forums that discuss language intricacies. Collins Dictionary - A renowned dictionary offering definitions, translations, and more in multiple languages, ensuring linguistic accuracy and depth. LEO.org - LEO.org offers comprehensive dictionaries in multiple languages, supplemented with forums to discuss linguistic nuances. Glosbe - Glosbe offers a vast multilingual dictionary, ensuring users receive detailed definitions and translations across a range of languages. SpanishDict - Dedicated to Spanish, SpanishDict provides translations, verb conjugations, and grammar resources for learners. Jisho - A Japanese-English dictionary, Jisho supports learners with kanji, kana, and romaji search functionalities. Linguee - Combining a dictionary and a search engine, Linguee provides context-rich translations by showcasing them in real-world sentences. PONS - PONS offers dictionaries, texts translations, and vocabulary trainers, catering to multiple languages and ensuring comprehensive linguistic support. Longman Dictionary - Longman Dictionary, known for its clarity, provides English definitions, examples, and more for learners and educators. Forvo - A pronunciation guide, Forvo allows users to hear words pronounced by native speakers in numerous languages, aiding accurate pronunciation. How to Pronounce - This platform is a dedicated guide for pronunciations, helping users master the correct way to say words in multiple languages. Sensagent - A semantic web service, Sensagent offers translations, definitions, and more, enhancing linguistic understanding.


The Chronicle of Higher Education - Esteemed by academics globally, The Chronicle delivers news, advice, and job listings related to higher education institutions. Inside Higher Ed - Focusing on higher education, Inside Higher Ed offers news, job listings, and opinion pieces that resonate with academics and university professionals. Educationweek - A trusted source in the education sector, Educationweek offers in-depth news, analysis, and opinion pieces on K-12 education issues. Great Schools - Parents turn to Great Schools for detailed school profiles, reviews, and ratings, aiding in informed decisions about their children's education. eLearning Industry - A hub for eLearning professionals, this platform offers insights, articles, and resources related to online education and instructional design. Chalkbeat - Chalkbeat is dedicated to education news, focusing on how schools and policy decisions affect communities and students. Educationworld - From lesson plans to professional development resources, Educationworld serves as a complete resource for educators and school professionals. Owlcation - Owlcation provides informative and educational articles on a wide range of academic disciplines, encouraging lifelong learning. EdSurge - Spotlighting the intersection of technology, education, and the future of learning, EdSurge delivers news, research, and tools for educators and tech enthusiasts. The Hechinger Report - This independent news outlet covers inequality and innovation in education, offering solutions-focused journalism. Shanghai Ranking - Universities worldwide are ranked and analyzed on this platform, providing insights into academic and research performance. Alloprof - Alloprof is a Quebec-based educational resource platform offering students homework help, tutorials, and learning tools. It supports students and educators with a range of educational materials in French. Atutor - Atutor.ca is a Canadian platform offering an open-source Web-based learning management system for creating online courses. Universities Canada - Representing Canadian institutions, Universities Canada advocates for higher education, research, and innovation on a national scale.

For Kids

Ducksters - Ducksters is an educational site for kids, offering information on subjects like history, science, and geography in an engaging manner. Math Playground - Math Playground provides math games, logic puzzles, and educational resources, helping kids enhance their math skills. Funbrain - Funbrain offers a range of educational games, books, comics, and videos for children. It aids in developing skills in math, reading, and problem-solving in an engaging manner. Wonderopolis - Wonderopolis invites users to explore intriguing questions and wonders, providing educational content that sparks curiosity.


Duolingo - Gamifying language learning, Duolingo offers courses in numerous languages, making learning fun and engaging with bite-sized lessons. Whiterabbitpress - Focusing on the Japanese language, Whiterabbitpress offers quality resources, including textbooks and flashcards for learners. Preply - Preply connects learners with qualified tutors in various subjects, but is especially known for its extensive list of language tutors. Babbel - Babbel offers language learners an intuitive platform with structured courses in multiple languages, emphasizing real-world conversation. FluentU - FluentU transforms real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and more into personalized language lessons, making learning engaging and authentic. Omniglot - A linguistic encyclopedia, Omniglot is a treasure trove of alphabets, languages, and writing systems from around the world. Memrise - Offering a gamified language learning experience, Memrise covers a variety of languages and ensures retention through spaced repetition techniques. Rosetta Stone - A pioneer in language learning, Rosetta Stone uses immersive methods, helping learners master a new language as naturally as their first. Transparent Languages - With a plethora of resources, Transparent Languages offers a comprehensive platform for mastering various languages through structured lessons. Ethnologue - A comprehensive reference for global languages, Ethnologue provides detailed information on linguistic demographics and language families.

Learn English

British Council - A global institution, the British Council offers English courses, exams, and cultural relations insights. EnglishClub - Catering to learners and teachers, EnglishClub offers resources, lessons, and insights into the English language. Using English - A hub for English learners and teachers, Using English provides grammar guides, vocabulary lists, and forums to discuss linguistic topics. Youglish - Youglish aids language learners by providing videos showcasing real-world pronunciations of words in multiple languages, enhancing listening and speaking skills.

Learn Math & Science

Symbolab - Symbolab is a math solver that provides step-by-step solutions to algebra, calculus, and other math problems. GeoGebra - GeoGebra provides free math software and resources, supporting teaching and learning in various areas of mathematics. Mathway - Mathway is a math problem solver that provides step-by-step solutions, assisting users with algebra, calculus, and other math topics. Sciencing - Sciencing offers answers and explanations to various science questions, making complex topics accessible and understandable. Brilliant - Brilliant offers interactive lessons and problems in math, science, and computer science, promoting active learning and problem-solving. Web Exhibits - Web Exhibits is an interactive museum of science, humanities, and culture, offering in-depth explorations of various topics.

Learn to Code

Geeks for Geeks - Geeks for Geeks is a computer science portal offering tutorials, articles, and programming references for students and professionals. FreeCodeCamp - FreeCodeCamp is an open-source community offering a self-paced coding bootcamp with interactive lessons in web development. Codecademy - Codecademy provides interactive coding challenges and assessments to help users learn various programming languages and web technologies. SimpliLearn - SimpliLearn offers certification training courses for professionals, covering areas like data science, AI, and digital marketing. Treehouse - Treehouse provides on-demand video courses and interactive practice sessions to learn web design, coding, and more. Exercism - Exercism offers code practice and mentorship, with numerous exercises across various tracks to enhance coding skills.

Learn Web Development

W3 Schools - W3 Schools is a web developer site offering tutorials and references on web development languages and technologies. Web.dev - Web.dev offers guides, best practices, and tools for developers to build modern, performant web applications. WP Beginner - WP Beginner is a guide for WordPress beginners, offering tutorials, articles, and resources to manage WordPress websites. W3Resource - W3Resource is a platform offering tutorials and references on web development topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. It's a comprehensive resource for web developers and programmers of all levels. W3Docs - W3Docs provides learning resources, tutorials, and tools for web developers to enhance their coding skills.

Learning Resources

Open Culture - Open Culture curates high-quality cultural and educational resources, including online courses, movies, and ebooks. ClassCentral - ClassCentral is a search engine and review site for free online courses from top universities around the world.

Student News

The Harvard Crimson - The Harvard Crimson is the daily student newspaper of Harvard University, established in 1873. It is the only daily newspaper in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates. Her Campus - A global community for college women, Her Campus provides articles, job opportunities, and a platform for young women to express themselves. Harvard Magazine - Produced by alumni, Harvard Magazine dives into university matters, alumni news, and various subjects of interest to the Harvard community. The Tab - The Tab offers a fresh perspective on university life, culture, and news, written by students across numerous university campuses. Yale Daily News - Serving Yale University since 1878, Yale Daily News is a student-run publication delivering daily news, sports, and culture pieces. Stanford Daily - Stanford University's daily student-run newspaper, Stanford Daily has been serving the Stanford community since 1892 with news and opinion pieces. UniversityAffairs - Critical to Canada's higher education scene, UniversityAffairs provides news, job listings, and commentary for professionals in academia. Queens Journal - Queen's University's official student newspaper, Queens Journal covers news, opinions, and arts pertinent to its student body.