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Allrecipes - Allrecipes is a culinary haven, offering a vast collection of recipes, videos, and cooking tips submitted by a community of food enthusiasts. Food Network (US) - A culinary entertainment hub, the Food Network offers a blend of cooking shows, celebrity chefs, and delectable recipes for every occasion. Eater - Eater is a food and dining network, offering news, reviews, and guides on restaurants, culinary trends, and food culture globally. Cookpad - Cookpad is a global community platform where users can share and discover homemade recipes, fostering a love for home cooking. The Spruce Eats - The Spruce Eats is a culinary guidebook, offering recipes, cooking tips, and reviews to ensure every culinary endeavor is a success. BBC Good Food - A culinary resource from the renowned BBC, BBC Good Food offers a plethora of recipes, tutorials, and cooking tips for both novice and experienced chefs. Bon Appetit - Bon Appetit is a gourmet magazine and website, offering exquisite recipes, cooking techniques, and the latest in food trends and culture. Thekitchn - Thekitchn is a culinary community that offers recipes, kitchen design inspiration, and cooking lessons for food enthusiasts. Food & Wine - Food & Wine celebrates the finer things in life, offering gourmet recipes, wine pairing tips, and culinary travel insights. Taste of Home - Taste of Home celebrates home-cooked meals, offering a vast collection of community-contributed recipes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Delish - Delish provides the latest in food news, trends, and recipes, ensuring its audience is always in the loop with all things delicious. Serious Eats - Serious Eats dives deep into the science and art of food, offering recipes, techniques, and food stories that cater to both novices and experts. Epicurious - A gourmet platform, Epicurious offers curated recipes, cooking tips, and ingredient insights, making gourmet cooking accessible to all. Food.com - Food.com is a comprehensive culinary platform, offering a vast collection of recipes, meal plans, and kitchen tips for every culinary enthusiast. Food52 - Food52 is more than just recipes; it's a culinary community that celebrates home cooking, kitchen stories, and the joy of sharing meals. Jamie Oliver - From the renowned chef Jamie Oliver, this website offers a plethora of recipes, cooking tips, and food education, emphasizing fresh and sustainable ingredients. Yummly - Yummly is a personalized recipe platform, offering recipe recommendations based on individual preferences and dietary needs. My Recipes - My Recipes is a comprehensive platform that offers a vast collection of recipes, meal plans, and kitchen hacks tailored for every culinary occasion. SimplyRecipes - SimplyRecipes provides a curated collection of wholesome and tested recipes, ensuring every meal is both delicious and fuss-free. The Daily Meal - The Daily Meal is a comprehensive food guide, offering restaurant reviews, recipes, and culinary news from around the world. Betty Crocker - An iconic name in home cooking, Betty Crocker provides a vast collection of recipes, baking tips, and kitchen hacks, fostering the joy of cooking. Minimalist Baker - Minimalist Baker emphasizes simplicity without compromising taste, offering recipes that are delicious yet require 10 ingredients or less. Saveur - Saveur is a gourmet magazine and website that delves into the world of authentic cuisine, offering recipes, travel stories, and culinary traditions from around the world. Mashed - Mashed provides insights into the world of food, from recipes to culinary trivia, ensuring its audience always has a flavorful experience. RecipeTinEats - RecipeTinEats celebrates global flavors, offering recipes that are both authentic and approachable, ensuring a global culinary journey from the comfort of home. Cooking Light - Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Cooking Light provides recipes that are both nutritious and flavorful, making healthy eating enjoyable. Sallys Baking Addiction - Dedicated to the art of baking, Sallys Baking Addiction offers tried-and-true baking recipes, ensuring every treat is a sweet success. Cookie+Kate - Celebrating whole foods, Cookie+Kate provides vegetarian recipes that are both delicious and nourishing, emphasizing natural ingredients. Skinnytaste - Skinnytaste offers a blend of low-fat, family-friendly recipes without compromising on flavor, making healthy eating enjoyable. TastingTable - TastingTable is a culinary guide for food enthusiasts, offering restaurant recommendations, recipes, and gourmet trends. Insanely Good Recipes - As the name suggests, Insanely Good Recipes provides a collection of outstanding recipes that promise to tantalize the taste buds. America's Test Kitchen - America's Test Kitchen provides tried-and-tested recipes, cooking equipment reviews, and taste tests, ensuring culinary perfection for its audience. Natasha's Kitchen - Natasha's Kitchen is a culinary haven that offers family-approved recipes, emphasizing fresh ingredients and simple techniques. Smitten Kitchen - Smitten Kitchen is a culinary diary that offers a mix of comfort foods and innovative dishes, each made from scratch. Half Baked Harvest - Half Baked Harvest offers a blend of comfort food and show-stopping dishes, each recipe infused with creativity and warmth. Spoon University - Spoon University is a food-centric platform catering to millennials, offering recipes, restaurant reviews, and food trends. Pillsbury - An iconic brand, Pillsbury offers a vast array of recipes from quick dinners to delicious baked goods, making every meal special. Gimme Some Oven - Gimme Some Oven is a delightful culinary blog that offers a myriad of recipes, from savory dinners to sweet desserts, all infused with a personal touch. Spend with Pennies - Spend with Pennies is a treasure trove of classic recipes and cooking tips, ensuring every meal is both budget-friendly and delicious. Damn Delicious - Damn Delicious lives up to its name by offering irresistibly tasty recipes that are easy to follow, ensuring every dish is a hit. Love & Lemons - Love & Lemons celebrates vibrant and wholesome foods, offering vegetarian recipes that are as nourishing as they are delicious. Taste Atlas - Taste Atlas embarks on a global culinary journey, mapping traditional foods from around the world and offering authentic recipes. Well Plated - Well Plated offers a range of healthy and delicious recipes, ensuring every meal is both balanced and flavorful. A Couple Cooks - A Couple Cooks is a culinary blog offering wholesome recipes, cooking tips, and insights into a balanced approach to food and nutrition. Pinch of Yum - Pinch of Yum offers a delightful mix of comfort food and healthy recipes, ensuring every meal is both nourishing and satisfying. Cooking Classy - Cooking Classy offers a blend of classic and contemporary recipes, ensuring every meal is an elegant affair. Cooks - Cooks.com is a culinary repository, offering a vast collection of recipes ranging from timeless classics to contemporary delights. The Recipe Critic - The Recipe Critic is a culinary hub that offers a myriad of family-approved recipes that promise to delight. Recipes.net - Recipes.net is a culinary treasure trove, offering a diverse range of recipes, culinary tips, and meal inspiration for every occasion. Infatuation - Infatuation is a trusted guide for restaurant reviews and recommendations, ensuring food enthusiasts always have a memorable dining experience. Budget Bytes - Budget Bytes focuses on delicious yet affordable recipes, proving that great meals don't have to break the bank. VegNews - VegNews is a platform dedicated to vegan lifestyles, offering vegan recipes, news, and tips to its readers. The Takeout - The Takeout offers a mix of food news, recipes, and culinary stories, exploring the intersection of food and culture. Caf? Delites - Caf? Delites is a haven for food lovers, offering a range of mouth-watering recipes with a focus on flavorful and hearty meals. What's Cooking America - What's Cooking America celebrates the diverse culinary landscape of America, offering traditional recipes and cooking tips. Tastes Better from Scratch - With a focus on homemade meals, Tastes Better from Scratch offers recipes that are both wholesome and flavorful. GoldBelly - GoldBelly is a unique platform that delivers iconic regional foods from across the country right to your doorstep, celebrating America's diverse culinary landscape. Big Oven - Big Oven is a culinary community platform, allowing users to discover, share, and organize recipes, making meal planning a breeze. Just a Pinch - Just a Pinch is a community-driven platform where home cooks can share and discover treasured family recipes and culinary tips. Once upon a Chef - With a professional chef's touch, Once upon a Chef offers tested and perfected recipes that promise to impress both family and guests. Food Network (Canada) - The Canadian arm of the renowned Food Network, it showcases a mix of Canadian culinary shows, chefs, and recipes tailored to Canadian tastes. The Busy Baker - The Busy Baker offers a mix of classic and contemporary recipes, ensuring every meal is both nourishing and gratifying. Seasons & Suppers - Seasons & Suppers celebrates the beauty of seasonal cooking, offering recipes that highlight fresh ingredients at their peak. Bacon is Magic - Bacon is Magic offers a blend of travel and culinary adventures, sharing delicious recipes and travel stories with a special emphasis on bacon.


Wine Spectator - Wine Spectator is a renowned publication dedicated to wine ratings, reviews, and the wine industry's latest news. VinePair - VinePair delves into the world of wines, beers, and spirits, offering insightful articles, reviews, and drink recommendations. Wine Magazine - Wine Enthusiast Magazine, often referred to as WineMag, provides ratings, reviews, and information about wines from around the world. It caters to wine lovers, offering guidance on wine selections, pairing, and industry news. Liquor.com - Liquor.com is a digital authority on all things drinks, from cocktail recipes to bar recommendations and the latest spirits news. Decanter - Decanter is a premier wine-focused platform offering expert reviews, wine news, and recommendations, helping enthusiasts navigate the world of wines. Wine - Wine.com is a leading online wine retailer, offering a vast selection of wines from around the globe and expert recommendations. RateBeer - RateBeer is a community-driven beer rating site, where enthusiasts can rate, review, and discover beers from around the world. Drinks Mixer - Drinks Mixer is a comprehensive cocktail resource, offering a vast collection of cocktail recipes, tips, and techniques.

Restaurant Reviews & Menus

Restaurant Guru - Restaurant Guru is a guide to the best eateries, offering reviews, ratings, and menu insights for restaurants around the world. Restaurantji - Restaurantji offers restaurant reviews, ratings, and menus, helping diners discover the best food spots in their vicinity. GrubStreet - GrubStreet is a food and restaurant news platform, covering the latest in dining trends, chef interviews, and culinary events. HappyCow - HappyCow is a guide to vegetarian and vegan eateries worldwide, assisting plant-based diners in finding delicious meals. The World's 50 Best Restaurants - This platform celebrates the global culinary scene, ranking and showcasing the world's top dining establishments. All Menus - All Menus is a digital directory of restaurant menus, offering diners a glimpse into the offerings of eateries nationwide. MenuPix - MenuPix is a comprehensive restaurant directory, offering menus, reviews, and ratings for eateries across various cities. OpenTable - OpenTable is a leading restaurant reservation platform, allowing diners to book tables at top eateries and discover new dining spots.