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Goodreads - Goodreads is a community of book lovers. Users can track their reading, share reviews, and get recommendations based on their preferences. Indigo - Indigo is Canada's largest bookstore chain, offering books, toys, fashion, and home decor. Their online store mirrors their commitment to inspiring joy and enriching lives, with a plethora of products for every age and interest. Scribd - Scribd is a digital reading subscription service that offers access to books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents. For a monthly fee, users can explore a vast library, making it the 'Netflix for books'. VitalSource - VitalSource is a leading e-textbook provider, offering students access to digital learning materials. Their platform is designed for academic success, with tools that enhance reading, note-taking, and studying experiences. Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble is a major bookseller in the U.S., offering a vast selection of books, e-books, and other media. Their online platform also highlights NOOK devices, toys, games, and collectibles, catering to a broad audience. Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg is a pioneer in offering free eBooks. With over 60,000 titles, readers can access classics and out-of-print books. Wikibooks - Wikibooks offers an extensive collection of open-content textbooks that cater to a wide range of subjects. Contributed by volunteers worldwide, these books are free for educational use and exploration. AbeBooks - AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books, offering a vast selection of new, used, rare, and out-of-print titles. Their platform connects book lovers with trusted independent sellers from around the world. Book Depository - Book Depository is a leading international online bookstore, known for its vast selection and free worldwide shipping. Their platform offers millions of titles, ensuring book enthusiasts find their desired read, regardless of genre or language. OpenLibrary - OpenLibrary aims to create a webpage for every book ever published. It's both a digital library and a platform where users can borrow eBooks. Kobo - Kobo is a digital bookstore offering e-books, audiobooks, and e-readers. With millions of titles across genres, Kobo serves a global community of readers with localized content and reading devices. The New York Review - The New York Review offers essays and reviews on literature, culture, and current affairs. Its thought-provoking content is revered by readers and intellectuals worldwide. Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly is a trusted voice in the book industry. They provide book reviews, author interviews, and news, catering to publishers, librarians, and booksellers. Smashwords - Smashwords is a global ebook distributor and publisher, providing a platform for independent authors and publishers. It offers multi-format ebooks, making self-publishing and distribution easier for aspiring authors. Indiebound - Indiebound supports independent bookstores by providing tools and a platform for users to search and shop from local indie bookstores. Their website strengthens the indie bookselling community and encourages consumers to 'shop local'. Hathi Trust - Hathi Trust is a digital library, housing millions of volumes from libraries worldwide. It's a valuable resource for researchers, students, and the general public. Book Riot - Book Riot celebrates literature in all its forms. From book reviews to reading recommendations, it's a hub for bookworms looking to discover their next favorite read. Sacred Text Archive - Sacred Text Archive is a treasure trove of religious, mythological, and esoteric texts. It's an invaluable resource for those studying comparative religion and ancient scriptures. Kirkus - Kirkus offers book reviews and recommendations, ensuring readers find titles that match their interests. Their unbiased reviews are trusted by readers and industry professionals. Librivox - Librivox is a volunteer-driven platform that offers free audiobooks from the public domain. Their collection is vast, ensuring literature enthusiasts have access to classic works in an audio format. Alibris - Alibris is an online marketplace connecting buyers with independent sellers of books, music, and movies. Their platform offers a wide variety of new, used, and rare items, making it a treasure trove for collectors and enthusiasts. Free-eBooks.net - Free-eBooks.net provides a platform for readers to download and enjoy free eBooks and magazines. Catering to a diverse range of genres, it offers a vast collection for both avid readers and aspiring authors to publish their work. Los Angeles Review of Books - The Los Angeles Review of Books delves deep into literature, culture, and arts. With essays and reviews, it offers insightful commentary on contemporary and classic works. Biblio - Biblio is an online marketplace dedicated to book lovers, providing access to used, rare, and out-of-print books. Their platform connects buyers with a network of professional, independent booksellers worldwide. BookCrossing - BookCrossing is a unique book-sharing community where members release books into the wild for strangers to find, read, and pass along. The platform encourages the 'travelling book' concept, fostering global literacy and love for reading. Audible - Audible, an Amazon company, is a leading provider of audiobooks, podcasts, and spoken-word content. Their platform allows users to explore a vast library of titles, ranging from bestsellers to undiscovered gems. Archambault - Archambault, a quintessential Quebecois brand, offers books, music, games, and more, catering to the French-speaking audience. Their online store is a reflection of their commitment to culture and entertainment, providing options for all ages. Les libraires - Les libraires is a cooperative of independent French-language bookstores in Canada. Their online platform showcases a vast selection of books while championing the cause of independent bookstores.


Poetry Foundation - The Poetry Foundation celebrates the poetic form. They offer poems, poet biographies, and articles that delve into the vast world of poetry. Poets.org - Managed by the Academy of American Poets, Poets.org offers a plethora of poems, poet biographies, and materials for teachers. It's a space dedicated to celebrating American poetry in all its forms. Lithub - Literary Hub, or Lithub, serves as a nexus for book lovers. It combines daily news, essays, interviews, and book reviews, ensuring readers are always in the literary loop. Webnovel - Webnovel is a platform where authors share their novels, comics, and fan-fictions. With an array of genres, it caters to diverse reading tastes. Poem Hunter - Poem Hunter is a comprehensive repository of poems, song lyrics, and poets. From classics to contemporary pieces, it's a space where poetic expressions find an audience. The Paris Review - The Paris Review is a literary magazine that features fiction, poetry, prose, and interviews. Renowned for its in-depth interviews with writers, it offers a unique insight into the literary world. Literature Network - The Literature Network is a haven for literary enthusiasts, offering full texts, summaries, and forums discussing classic literature, plays, and poetry. All Poetry - All Poetry is the world's largest poetry community. Poets, both amateur and professional, share their work, receive feedback, and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of verse. Writer's Digest - Writer's Digest is an invaluable resource for writers. Offering tips, workshops, and competitions, it's dedicated to helping writers hone their craft and navigate the publishing world.